Helping broiler producers succeed in an antibiotic-free environment

The future of poultry production is antibiotic-free. But transitioning can be a complex journey.

Wherever you are on that journey, Provimi provides solutions and diet design recommendations to improve overall health, maximize feed utilization and optimize performance...


Provimi Southeast Asia Raw Materials Update

Achieving optimal feed quality or meeting animal performance goals in changing markets can be challenging.

To better help you manage nutrient variation and adapt to changes, Provimi provides insights on raw material quality & prices, livestock prices and feed formulation recommendations...

Are you achieving your sow targets?

Better piglet per sow per year targets can be achieved through enhanced sow nutrition and management.

Sows with higher feed intake and better gut function produce sufficient milk for piglets, reducing pre-weaning piglet mortality. Healthier sows also return to production sooner...

Take control of your mycotoxin risks

At least 25% of the world’s crops are affected by mycotoxins annually. Anti-mycotoxin agent (AMA) application is a common solution but it is not always cost effective.

As an alternative, Provimi recommends precise assessment of mycotoxin risks by country, sub-species and raw material...

A versatile approach to AGP-free transition

Feed and animal producers need a safe approach to transition to low-medication and AGP-free environments while keeping animals healthy.

In recent Provimi trials, piglets have responded positively to essential oil compounds blends as a viable solution to moving away from antibiotics use.