Make better decisions on animal diets

Diet Design & Formulation

Designing the right diet for your animal should not be a case of “trial and error” but “tried and tested”. Provimi’s customized diet design and formulation focuses on feed formulation and audit to help you make better decisions on your animals’ diet.

Our approach to complete formulation provides customized and holistic feeding strategies by taking into account all phases of a feeding program. This is further enhanced by a review of current formulations to recommend improvements, as well as the set-up, training and operational support for our proprietary formulation program.




Whether a large or small operation, every poultry business requires science-based, nutrient-driven feed solutions that are customized to meet performance objectives throughout the life cycle.




  • Optimized nutrients in first days after hatch
  • Highly digestible protein sources

  • Improved development of immune system and gut microbiota 

  • Reduced oxidative stress

  • Better performance in later stages


Give your chicks a superb start
Highest Daily Gain
Highest Final Body Weight
Lowest Feed Conversion Ratio
Lowest Cost/Kg  Gain

Increased average daily gain to reach target weight faster

  Steady growth towards highest final body weight   Lower feed conversion ratios for efficient production   Getting more value through lower feed cost per kg gain





Swine producers are faced with growing complexities that weigh on their daily business decisions. Our swine solutions help you achieve your goals of sow productivity, piglet health and growth as well as a profitable finish in hogs.

Young Animal Nutrition
  • Uniform piglet growth and higher average daily gain
  • Reduced pre-weaning mortality rates
  • Improved piglet livability
  • Reduced antibiotics use
  • Improved fertility and longevity at gestation and lactation
  • Improved energy at farrowing
Hog (Grower-Finisher)
  • Maximized weight gain and growth
  • Best feed efficiency for improved cost per gain
  • Higher market value and profits




Ingredient & Feed Evaluation

Animal & Nutrition Consultancy