Consistent feed quality with the right nutrients is crucial

Ingredient & Feed Evaluation

Consistent feed quality and delivering the right nutrient mix are crucial to animal performance and in turn, the profitability of livestock production.

Our state-of-the-art, complete laboratory services for feed ingredients analysis help you secure the safety, traceability and nutrient values of your raw materials cost effectively, and thereby optimize feed cost and the nutrient status of your animals.



Gain better insights into actual nutrient value – achieve more precise feed formulation and greater reliability of your finished feed products.

  • Quick and accurate ingredient analysis
  • Reduce wet chemistry analysis costs
  • Monitor and select the best suppliers
  • More precise feed formulation




Timely, precise nutrient measurement tool that enables better decision-making in buying ingredients, optimizing ingredients in animal diets and auditing finished feed.


  • Understand the real nutrient value of raw materials
  • Understand economical impact on feed costs
  • More precise feed formulation
  • More consistent nutrient delivery, better uniformity on performance
How can REVEAL™ help formulate
more competitive feed?
The only nutrition tool
  • that adjusts energy value for all sub-species and raw materials
  • that considers variation in amino acid digestibility over time
Most comprehensive database of nutrient values

> 12,000,000 nutrients analyzed / year, including anti nutritional factors (ANF)







the world’s largest and most comprehensive, real-time raw material pattern database to effectively safeguard your feed quality.



  • Powerful risk assessment service

  • Largest ingredient contamination database

  • Detailed mycotoxin threat information

  • Unrivalled database (<150,000 records a year) updated weekly



Compare mycotoxin levels in regions with worldwide average

Diet Design & Formulation

Animal & Nutrition Consultancy