Guidance on raw materials, feed formulation and farm management

Animal & Nutrition Consultancy


Provimi’s animal and nutrition consultancy covers processes for raw materials management, feed formulations and farm operations in order to evaluate steps towards improving your operational production processes.

Using advanced diagnostic tools, our nutritional consultants work to identify, define and quantify the opportunities to your business and offer professional guidance on how best to manage your ingredients and input costs.

Informed and timely decision making is critical to business profitability.

What if you could forecast animal performance to design better diets that maximize your profits?


TechBro Flex™

TechBro Flex™, a dynamic predictive software tool, allows customers to simulate future feeding and production management strategies to understand impact on profits.


helping broiler producers optimize production costs
  • Transform your nutritional and production data into valuable insights
  • Optimize your performance goals and design feeding programs
  • Develop production management strategies to improve farm operations
  • Create a real impact on costs


How it works


Your bird parameters, nutritional, economic, production and environmental data


We create production scenarios to meet your economic objectives


You choose and implement the right feeding and management strategy for your business





Based on your pigs' requirements and nutrient supply, build a virtual model of your operations that provides a diet formulation tailored to your needs!

better profitability through value-based decisions 


  • Creates a "virtual farm" projection
  • Calculates the LEAST input (nutrient density and cost of feed ingredients) for MAXIMUM output (animal weight, livability rate, etc.)
  • Optimal balance between input and output for maximized profitability
How it works
1. Model different farm scenarios
2. Create optimized diet formulations

Nutrition supply
Nutrition Demand
Customer Needs

Complete and accurate insights on nutrition value and ingredient costs





Animal knowledge based on real farm data

  • Phenotype
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Facilities

Animal Performance and Market Demands





Ingredient & Feed Evaluation

Diet Design & Formulation