High quality, reliable feeds are paramount to livestock operations

Feed Mills


Feed mills can count on Provimi to bring their business to the next level. We understand the challenges of producing cost effective yet efficacious nutritional mixes that satisfy your customers.

Our continuous innovation in animal nutrition and feed management strategies provide you with the edge to grow your business in a more efficient and sustainable way.



Higher profitability
Consistent quality standards


Optimize your feed costs by selecting the right supplier for your business needs. We fine-tune your feed formulations to help you optimize the use of raw materials for your specific nutrient-mix, while adhering at all times to manufacturing best practices.



High quality, reliable feeds are paramount to livestock operations, as feed costs account for over 70% of total costs. Provimi’s products take into account the feeding requirements that satisfy the varied nutritional needs of different species and stages of growth while maintaining quality, safety and hygiene.

Grow your market share
Regulatory compliance


Stand apart from the competition with feed additives that enhance performance through gut health while reducing dependence on antibiotic growth promoters. With the industry momentum towards responsible antibiotics use, our feed additives strengthen your position as a forward-thinking producer.




As part of the Cargill Animal Nutrition global network, Provimi works alongside feed mills to fulfil international market regulations with our expertise in local and export market requirements. Through this strategic partnership, your products gain a foothold and competitive edge in the global marketplace.




Mycotoxin Management

Feed Efficiency