Customized solutions to meet rising demands of the livestock business

Animal Producers

From nutrition and digestive health, to management strategies to cope with the challenges of the livestock business, animal producers need products that are tried, tested and truly tailored to their needs.




Constant growth in production
Enhanced meat quality

Our feeding strategies are geared towards keeping young pigs in robust health and maintaining the productivity and profitability of your pork business.



High quality pork offers a sensory experience for the consumer that includes the right colors, textures and tastes, thereby enhancing our customers’ brand quality and overall product appeal.


Increased hog efficiency
Optimized sow performance


The finishing stage is critical to hog efficiency – from enhancing feed performance and maintaining uniformity to addressing health issues that may arise in the herd.




Well managed gestation periods and monitoring body conditioning help improve the health, fertility and reproductive capabilities of sows throughout their production span.


Piglet livability


Strengthening the gut and immune system of piglets post-weaning is crucial for piggeries as healthy piglets will demonstrate good feed intake and increased daily weight gain.







Uniform flock growth
Enhanced meat and egg quality


Our customers entrust us with their goal of achieving consistent growth throughout all stages of poultry production, which is key to flock performance and profitability.



We partner with poultry producers in their quest for quality meat and eggs, by working to improve broiler carcass and table egg quality.

Industry regulatory compliance


We guide poultry enterprises towards meeting the strictest local and international standards for flock health and biosecurity.




Young Animal Nutrition

Gut Health