A holistic approach to digestive health

Gut Health

Good gut health is a multidimensional concept that involves establishing well-balanced gut microflora, positive immune modulation to regulate inflammation, reinforced intestinal integrity for tissue function, and optimal nutrient utilization.

Nutritional issues such as inadequate feed intake, diets that impede digestion especially in young animals, and protein fermentation in the lower gut can affect the health of the gastro-intestinal tract and ultimately, animal performance.

Our feed additive solutions include protein sources with proven superior digestibility in vitro, essential oils and organic acids blends with strong antimicrobial properties to effectively inhibit the formation of harmful gut bacteria, and mycotoxin management plans to guard against oxidative stress and preserve the integrity of the gut barrier function.


Nutrition for Gut Health



Complete understanding of raw materials and nutrients


  • Precise understanding of raw materials’ nutrient profile
  • Avoid over-supply of nutrients that leads to unwanted bacterial fermentation in the lower gut
  • Reduce overall anti-nutritional factors in feed
  • Manage mycotoxin contamination and associated risks on digestive organs and tissues





Formulation strategies


  • Precise nutrient demand evaluation via performance optimization models
  • Development and use of specific nutrients for gut health applications
  • Selection of ingredients based on functional purposes (e.g. immunity support)
  • Alleviate effects of gut health threatening factors (e.g. oxidative/heat stress)





application of Feed additives


  • Experience in both research and commercial environments
  • Selection of molecules for specific modes of action
  • Holistic approach considering the additive compound as part of a broader nutritional solution (leverage complimentary/synergistic effects with nutrients)
  • Economic simulations to assess ROI and profitability potential



Mycotoxin Management

Feed Efficiency