High performing feed additives to unlock your animals' potential


Livestock producers know that healthy animals translate to healthy profits and a sustainable business.

Key to unlocking the health of your animals, quality feed additives make a positive difference in the feed efficiency and realized growth potential of your species.

Our PROMOTE™ range of high performing feed additive solutions are designed to impact the nutritional status of animals through digestion and gut health, for well-balanced intestinal microflora. This boosts the immunity, health and well-being of farm animals, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Our additives range includes:


Mycotoxin Management
Gut Health & Performance


Products and services geared towards eliminating the mycotoxin risk and supporting animal performance under mycotoxin challenged conditions.




Effective solutions that offer a precise mode of action to improve gut integrity and ultimately animal performance.



Oxidative Stress Management
Digestive Enhancers


Specific blends of natural antioxidants to enhance productivity through all life stages, especially during challenging production phases such as weaning, reproduction, and transportation.



A portfolio of enzymes blends, formulated with the most advanced technologies, selected and applied to improve feed conversion ratios and profitability.


Additives for SWINE


Additives for POULTRY




Young Animal Nutrition