Delivering quality nutrition for higher cattle productivity


Provimi’s ruminant expertise covers both dairy and beef cattle. Tapping on Cargill Nutrition System and its capabilities in big data management and analysis, our nutritional strategies and formulation solutions are geared towards providing an optimal diet for your cattle health and superior performance.


Complete nutritional strategies for dairy

Today’s dairy industry has to confront unprecedented challenges. These come as varied as managing and prolonging the productivity of high-yielding herds, caring for dry cows, optimizing calf and heifer performance, and at the same time hedging against the risks of volatile feed and milk prices.

Our nutritional strategies enable producers to unlock the nutrient value of locally available and cost-effective feed forages and raw materials, thereby optimizing nutrient absorption and utilization in dairy cattle.

We go a step further with risk management that help you make sense of the current business climate and ride on opportunities for your dairy business.


Nutrition for quality beef

Provimi understands the varied needs and challenges of feed-lot operators, as well as the demands of increasingly discerning consumer palates when it comes to beef quality.

Producing wholesome, nutritious beef starts with well-balanced feeds and the right nutritional strategies.

From mineral supplementation to complete feeds, Provimi works with ruminant producers to meet the unique nutritional requirements of beef cattle at every stage of development and according to production demands.