Take control of your mycotoxin risks

Mycotoxin Management

Empowering customers to better manage mycotoxin risks goes far beyond the use of anti-mycotoxin agents (AMA).

To enhance feed safety and protect your animals from the ill effects of mycotoxicosis, Provimi offers a four-pillar approach that comprises the use of AMA in our Notox™ range, access to the largest global ingredients contamination database, laboratory services for rapid and accurate mycotoxin detection and risk analyzes, and consultancy.

Together, these approaches help you regain control over your mycotoxin risks to holistically and effectively safeguard your feed quality.


Notox™ Online


Notox™ Online is a powerful mycotoxin risk management platform that leverages on the extensive experience and expertise of Cargill Animal Nutrition. By tapping on one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive ingredients contamination database, Notox™ Online provides an unparalleled risk assessment service for effective mycotoxin detection and risk alert, to help you gain tighter control over the quality and safety of your ingredients.

Through Notox™ Online, you gain insightful information on the specific risks in your region, including data on high risk ingredients and problematic mycotoxin occurrences in your location. The Provimi team will follow through with suitable mycotoxin control plans, such as the use of anti-mycotoxin agents and recommended inclusion rates for your ingredients, as well as strategies for quality raw material sourcing.


Analytical tools and lab services


Provimi provides fast and quantitative results from tests of your raw material samples conducted on site (using lateral flow devices or ELISA) or through our laboratory network.

Quick Scan and Charm ROSA are 2 solutions developed to analyze mycotoxins in raw materials. Those solutions are portable analysis tool for quick, quantitative and traceable results on mycotoxins that can be conducted at your farm or plant. Using a competitive immunoassay lateral flow strip, the rapid scan characteristic of Quick Scan allows for up-to-date, real time trend analyzes of mycotoxin occurrences.

Quick Scan

scanner, laptop and test kits´╗┐´╗┐

Charm ROSA

incubator, reader and test kits




From sampling procedures, the design of control and testing plans, to guidelines for AMA application, we support our customers in every step towards implementing an effective mycotoxin control plan.


Notox™ range


A comprehensive portfolio of five anti-mycotoxin agents for both narrow and wide spectrum mycotoxin control and risk reduction.


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