Strengthening the gut and immune system of piglets post-weaning

Piglet Livability

The lactating period brings new challenges in the care and management of the sow and her litter. As piglet livability is directly related to still births and pre-weaning mortality, it is imperative to prevent overall piglet mortality through good management and nutritional care.

As sow productivity and nutrition during lactation affect pre-weaning mortality and weaning weight, it is important at this stage to focus on maximizing the feed intake and lactation performance of sows. Proper early-stage care will go a long way towards enhancing total piglet livability and sow unit efficiency.

Today’s large litter sizes can be effectively managed with the right care and nutritional strategies. Strengthening the gut and immune system of piglets post-weaning is crucial as healthy piglets will demonstrate good feed intake, and increased vitality and daily weight gain.














Neopigg® Rescue Care is Provimi’s nutritional program that supports piglet livability through a holistic strategy targeting improvements in litter growth, piglet health and early feed intake.Designed for large litters, Neopigg® Rescue Care employs an automated feeding system to administer precise nutritional formulations from birth up to 4 weeks. READ MORE


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