Increased sow productivity for higher performance in piglet rearing

Milk Replacers

RescueMilk: Rearing quality piglets

Formulated to fully replace or complement sow’s milk, RescueMilk stimulates gut development in piglets, improving overall growth rates and reducing mortality. Made of highly digestible ingredients, including blood plasma, immunoglobulins and high protein vegetal sources, Rescue Milk can be fed to piglets up to 5kg body weight, and is an ideal liquid feed for a smooth transition to a dry prestarter diet.

RescueMilk is part of Provimi’s RescuePig concept, and can be fed to piglets by hand or using the automated RescueCup system in the farrowing room. A follow-on liquid prestarter, Smooth, enables a seamless transition through to weaning.


Neopigg™ RescueCare: Complete care and efficient feeding that yields results

A unique system for feeding young piglets until weaning, Neopigg™ RescueCare is a high quality nutritional program that provides young piglets with fresh liquid feed on-demand through the use of RescueCup, a specialized and automated feeding equipment in the farrowing crates. With minimal labor input needed, feed intake and pig growth is greatly enhanced.

Neopigg™ RescueCare includes feeding of RescueMilk for the first 14 days followed by liquid prestarter Smooth up to 21 or 28 days. Neopigg™ RescueCare has been shown to increase dry matter intake after 21 days by 1000g. Sow efficiency is also improved, with more piglets in the litter and weaned by sows, and an increased cycle index.


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