Well managed gestation and lactation periods are important for continued reproductive performance

Sow Productivity

Well managed gestation periods improve the fertility and reproductive capabilities of sows throughout their production span as well as overall piglet livability.

Beginning at embryo implantation, we work with our customers to ensure optimal results throughout – from managing constipation and digestive issues, to the birth of the litter and a smooth transition from gestation to lactation.

Diet care
Improving the body condition of sows throughout the gestation and lactation periods is also important for continued reproductive performance.

Sows in the weaning-to-oestrus period require micronutrient-rich diets in order to stimulate embryo development for piglet uniformity and vitality. During farrowing, essential micronutrients and feed additives can support positive sow metabolism, organ function, and fetal development – this helps improve piglet weight and vitality while giving the sow a good start to lactation.

As sow productivity and nutrition during lactation affect pre-weaning mortality and weaning weights of piglets, it is important to pay close attention to the feed intake and lactation performance of sows. Appropriate care during this phase will minimize pre-weaning deaths, support the growth of healthy piglets, and go a long way towards enhancing total piglet livability and sow unit efficiency.

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