The finishing stage is critical to hog efficiency

Hog Efficiency

Hog profitability is tied to the ability to meet market demands for slaughter weight. Efficiency in production therefore requires meticulous attention on the growing-finishing stage of production to ensure high performance while keeping feed costs in check. 

By working with producers to better understand their production goals, hog genetics and the unique characteristics of their piggery operation, we build on and develop strategies to boost herd uniformity, health and performance in these final stages.

We do this by delivering on animal performance – average daily gain, herd uniformity, good gut health and improved meat yield. Provimi’s hog efficiency solutions take into account nutrient supply and demand, while keeping in mind overall formulation constraints, to provide a localized nutritional strategy unique to your piggery that maximizes efficiency in grower-finisher production.

The result? Overall higher nutrient uptake that translates into significant and tangible improvements in feed conversion and gains from feed cost savings that support your leading position in the market.

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