High performing feed additives to unlock your animals' potential

Additives for Poultry

Our PROMOTE™ line has been specifically created to assist poultry producers in meeting the performance and productivity challenges of broiler, breeder or layer through innovative and demonstrable solutions targeting flock performance and health.







Improves gut health and feed efficiency


  • An additive blend of stabilized essential-oil components and organic acids, Biacid enhances poultry performance by stimulating the growth of favorable gut microflora.
  • Trials have demonstrated improvements in flock body weight and litter score, with reduced FCR and mortality.
  • Performance optimization under low medication/ AGP-free conditions




Supports layer performance and egg quality


  • A proprietary additive blend of carefully selected short-chain fatty acids, Provimax increases laying persistency by targeting improvements in the liver and intestinal wall function of layers.
  • The result? Better hen productivity, sturdier egg shells and more profitable egg production
  • Performance optimization under low medication/ AGP-free conditions





Antioxidants support the health and performance of livestock by regulating cell metabolism, oxidative status and thus improving overall immunity and tolerance to external stresses.




Helps animals cope with oxidative stresses


  • The balance between oxidants and antioxidants determine animal performance and stress tolerance.
  • Formulated as an antioxidant booster and partial vitamin E replacer, Proviox® 50 is a proven strategy that yields benefits through higher antioxidant status in poultry and swine, resulting in demonstrable improvements in meat and egg quality.



Mycotoxin management


Mycotoxins are a threat to animal health and production. When ingested, mycotoxins impact animal performance significantly with detrimental health effects such as feed refusal, organ malfunction, suppressed immunity and poor growth.

Controlling mycotoxin risks requires a holistic strategy. Our Notox™ mycotoxin risk management platform comprises a well-integrated, multi-pronged approach to effectively protect your business against this feed menace.






  • Comprising five anti-mycotoxin agents, our Notox™ products are designed to target narrow and large spectrum mycotoxins with a well-proven efficacy at in vitro and in vivo levels as proven in trials and on commercial farms for various species.



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