Take control of your mycotoxin risks

Notox™ range

A comprehensive portfolio of five anti-mycotoxin agents for both narrow and wide spectrum mycotoxin control and risk reduction.


A targeted solution for aflatoxin control

An activated aluminosilicate, Notox™ Adsorb Afla has the proven ability to bind over 90% of Aflatoxin B1 at pH 6, with no effect on base diets.

Inclusions of Notox™ Adsorb Afla in layer diets have been shown to reduce harmful effects on egg production while swine benefitted from overall body weight gain.


Activated aluminosilicate that helps control the risk of Fumonixins and Aflatoxins

Main mode of action:  Efficient binding at low pH (stomach/gizzard) and no release at higher pH (intestine)


A blend of preservatives, which helps decrease the risks of  deoxynivalenol in pigs

Main mode of action: Biotransformation (toxin deactivation)in feed and in the digestive tract


Broad spectrum mycotoxin binder targeting the five major mycotoxins

Offering superior binding efficiency, Notox™ LS has demonstrable efficacy in broiler, swine and dairy cattle under severe mycotoxin challenges.

Positive effects of Notox™ LS include recovery in weight gain in broilers exposed to trichothecenes, reduced vulva size and improved reproductive capabilities for gilts given Zearalenone contaminated feed, and an up to 50% reduction in abortion rates for dairy cows faced with Zearalenone stress.


High binding capacity supports the health of animals under stress

Notox™ Ultimate provides a one-stop solution that effectively addresses the practical challenges of mycotoxin challenges in livestock farming.

All ingredients have been selected for their high toxin binding capacity and support of major metabolic functions, including liver detoxification, immune system recovery and reduction in oxidative stress.