Chick Prestarter Diets

Starting broilers on the right feed

A good prestarter feed provides young chicks with all the essential nutrients for immune system and cell development. Formulated with special ingredients that target inflammatory responses and support the function of immunological organs, Provimi’s broiler prestarter stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut as key to preventing intestinal and other diseases in vulnerable chicks.

Nutrition in the first week after hatch lays the foundation for later broiler growth and performance. Prestarter feed therefore needs to meet precise feed formulation criteria that support the significant physiological changes in young chick, especially in intestinal health development and the strengthening of the immune system to cope with oxidative stresses.

Provimi delivers a unique prestarter with a proven formulation of highly digestible protein, fat, macro and micro-ingredients that fulfills young broilers’ nutritional needs while improving feed intake and nutrient absorbability.  Enzymes work to improve feed digestibility, with observable benefits in the first week of growth.

A uniform and consistent texture of an ideal 2mm pellet size allows the feed to crumble easily in the crop, increasing feed intake and putting young birds on a healthy start in the first days after hatch.

Laying a strong foundation

Building up good laying capabilities begin in the first weeks of a chick’s life, as early nutritional deficiencies can impact rate of lay and overall egg production. From the initial development of the vital organs and skeletal system, to muscular and reproductive maturity, the first six weeks is a critical period of growth that demands adequate and appropriate nutrition.

Provimi’s specially developed nutrient concentrate for layers supports young layer chicks during the critical first week. Compared with conventional mash feeds, Provimi’s young layer feeds are of a uniform and consistent texture, with low dust and therefore reduced feed wastage. The feeds can be easily blended into mash feeds for improved feed palatability and intake.




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